Two Blue Cars Mailing List

Q. I'm a Retailer. Do you offer wholesale discounts?
A. Yes. Please email us at

Q. Do you produce adult shirts?
A. We're thinking about it! Email us if there are particular designs you love and we will see what we can do.

Q. Why are your shirts for "boys" only?
A. Our shirts are for everyone, the sizing and style are unisex. We design for boys because we're parents of boys and that's what we know, but we have dressed many a cool gal!

Q. Can I return or exchange a shirt I've purchased or received as a gift?
A. Of course! As long as a shirt has not been damaged or dirtied, you are free to make an exchange. We want you to be happy with your purchase/gift.

Q. Do your shirts shrink?
A. Our shirts will shrink 8%. For the short sleeved shirts which are cut loose and boxy, this is usually a non issue, but for the long sleeved tees which are fitted we recommend ordering a size larger to allow for shrinkage.

Q. Do you take special requests for designs?
A. We aim to have a wide catalogue of obsessions and fascinations so please yes email us your suggestions!

Q. The size I'm looking for is not here. What to do?
A. Initially most of our shirts come in sizes 2-6. We also have a few shirts that come in sizes 8-12. If we're not carrying a size you want, Let us know. If we get enough requests we'll produce them.

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